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Culinary Delights and Natural Wonders: Experience the Best of Bicol

 Experience the best of Bicol's breathtaking scenery and mouth-watering cuisine with our customized travel package! When you book with us, you have the option to request your favorite Bicolano dishes and we'll cook them up fresh just for you.

From the famous spicy Bicol Express to savory laing and crispy kinunot, our homegrown chefs will prepare your favorite dishes using only the freshest ingredients and traditional Bicolano cooking methods. And don't forget to try the region's other culinary delights, such as the mouth-watering pinangat and irresistible pili nut treats.

But the culinary adventure doesn't stop there – you'll also get to explore local markets and sample a wide variety of street food and delicacies. And our knowledgeable guides will share fascinating insights into the history and cultural significance of Bicolano cuisine.

And of course, our travel package also includes visits to Bicol's most stunning natural landscapes and cultural attractions, with the flexibility to customize the itinerary to your preferences. From hiking through lush rainforests to lounging on pristine beaches, you'll experience the best of Bicol in style and comfort.

So why wait? Book your customized Bicol travel package today and embark on a culinary adventure like no other. Contact us now to get started!  Contact us now to book your travel and tour package!  Alternatively, you may contact us via mobile 0908.7171300.